Step 1. Email your MP

Email your MP to invite them to meet you online. You can find out who your MP is and their email address at

Step 2. Invite local people

Who else in your local area could you invite to the meeting? What about contacting your local foodbank, local Citizens Advice, local Facebook groups, school breakfast clubs or places of worship? You could also ask friends, neighbours or colleagues to join.

Use this email or Whatsapp message to invite them. You can change the words to make it more personal.

Tip: You don’t have to wait until your MP has replied before inviting people to the meeting. You can send them final details later. Set up a WhatsApp group to help you keep in touch.

Step 4. Prepare for the meeting

Your MP is likely to send you a zoom meeting invite a few days before the meeting, but some may expect you to set up the meeting.

Find tips for setting up a zoom meeting here

If you have time… A day or two before, get together on zoom with everyone who is planning to join the MP meeting. This gives you a chance to practice using the online meeting software and to decide who is going to say what.

Persevere… If your MP doesn’t reply to your meeting invite, don’t give up. Try again or ask others in the group to get in touch. If they definitely can’t meet you, it’s still worth contacting them on social media or by email to tell them to put child poverty at the heart of Government plans. This will still show your MP that this is something their constituents care about.