Government agrees to count low-income families

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The End Child Poverty coalition welcomes the Government’s announcement that it will retain a legally binding commitment to continue to measure and publish the number of children living in families on low incomes, following a defeat in the House of Lords in January.

Sam Royston, Chair of End Child Poverty, said:

“You can’t know the extent of child poverty in this country without taking family income into account. The Government’s legally binding commitment to continue measuring the number of families struggling on low incomes – including those in work – will at the very least stop child poverty from being hidden from view.

“But just measuring child poverty isn’t enough. The number of children in low income families is expected to see major increases in coming years, forcing many parents to choose between heating their home and putting food on the table. That’s why we will be using the data the Government has promised to publish to hold ministers to account. No child should have to grow up in poverty.”

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