End Child Poverty joins calls for an end to the two child limit

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‘Instead of enjoying the birth of our baby, we have dealt with hardship and having to scrape together for meals. Borrowing money from family for milk and nappies and ending ourselves in a stressful amount of debt.’ A parent on the impact of the two child limit.

Today End Child Poverty is one of more than 50 organisations who are issuing the call for an end to the two child limit. A new report out today highlights the impact the policy is already having on families across the UK and projects that by 2023-24 more than 1.8 million children will be adversely affected.

To see which organisations are part of the #allkidscount campaign visit All Kids Count 

Read the report here

And if your organisation would like to join the campaign please either contact CPAG or judith@endchildpoverty.org.uk

We wouldn’t turn away a sick child from our hospitals or stop them going to school. The two-child limit denies families the support they need from our social security system in tough times, trapping kids in poverty. 

It’s time the Government recognised the harm the policy is causing and commit to ending it.

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