End Child Poverty Responds to Statement from the PM that Benefits May Not Rise with Inflation

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End child poverty coalition responds to PM’s comments on not increasing benefit payments in line with inflation

Joseph Howes, Chair of the End Child Poverty Coalition CEO of Buttle UK said;

“The new Prime Minster will be seen as the reverse Robin Hood if she doesn’t increase benefit payments with inflation; taking money from poor families and young people to fund tax cuts for the richest.

“Any one of us could be a few steps away from having to rely on benefit payments – having a benefit system that can catch us if we fall is crucial.

“But for the 3.9 million children already living in poverty in the UK, ensuring that families are able to afford the basics such as school shoes and a warm coat is essential. Poverty can be addressed. The Prime Minister says she is keen to listen, I suggest she meets with the families and young people living in poverty that are supported by the End Child Poverty Coalition – to hear directly from them. I cannot believe that after this the Prime Minister would continue to keep children and young people living in poverty out of key government decisions.”


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