Joint statements


End Child Poverty has joined with a number of other children’s sector organisations and networks setting out principles that would put children at the heart of the Government’s economic recovery plans

During the pandemic

Protecting and increasing income of low income families

  • Child Poverty Action Group asks of Government: Covid 19 briefing
  • The cost and impact of £10 increase to child benefit explained: Poor children need a Coronavirus bonus Jonathan Bradshaw and Antonia Keung, Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, March 2020.
  • 4th April 2020: ECP and 70 organisations and individuals letter to Chancellor asking for increase in child benefit of £10 per child

The disadvantages faced by low income families and children in the care system during the crisis: homeschooling; access to information; contact arrangements for foster children and birth parents

  • ATD Fourth World update

    “A key concern that we are not seeing reported by the media concerns the fact that many of the most socially and economically disadvantaged families have children in the care system. Contact centres that allowed them to visit their children are closing. How will Local Authorities make alternative arrangements so birth parents can stay in touch with their children in foster placements, for example? We are deeply worried that birth parents are being forgotten about.”

Concerns of impact of emergency legislation on rights of children

  • Briefing from The Children’s Society

Support for parents and carers

  • NEU microsite for advice on exams, homeschooling, SEND support and mental health and wellbeing advice